Using KOHA Open Source Library Management system.


The Ankur school was established in the year 1976 with the help of Student Aid Society of Panjab University.

The Ankur School Library came into existence in 2010-2011. It gradually flourished and has now become a full-fledged library having 110 Reference Books, 4500 Purchased Books, 6000 Gifted and Specimen Books and subscription to 32 Magazines and 9 Newspapers.

In order to make school library fully computerised and provide students with quick and prompt library services, Koha Open-source software has been successfully installed, which is a cost -effective solution.

After the implementation of koha, Ankur school Library Staff and users can benefit from advanced functionalities. Every faculty member and students will have barcode enabled card so that they can issue and return confirmation messages and overdue messages to the patrons. Users of OPAC can send suggestion messages to library staff regarding purchases and other feedback. This will help Library staff to provide more services promptly to it users. we are proud to say that Ankur School is the first school in the Tricity which has successfully automated the library using KOHA software. We acknowledge our sincere thanks to Dr. Neeraj kumar Singh, Deputy Librarian, A.C Joshi Library who took up this initiative and put in hard work and concerted efforts to make the school library fully automated. He and his teammate (Mr. Amardeep Singh, Assistant Programmer, IQAC Cell, P.U) have completed this work voluntarily and installed and implemented the Koha Library software without spending a single penny. Their honest efforts will sure go a long way in not only bringing a good name to Ankur School but will also make it a guiding light for other schools of Tricity.